MIAMI (APRIL 17, 2007) – The International Kids fund will launch their newest membership, Circle of Heroes, on April 19 at Michy’s Restaurant. This new IKF initiative consists of a $6,000 pledge to be paid over a period of five years. All funds raised will automatically be used to offer life-saving care for children within the organization’s program.

Circle of Heroes is a group of committed individuals devoted to making a difference in the lives of the IKF children. Through the support of their charitable donations, children from around the world will be able to receive medical attention they so desperately need.

“Here at IKF, we are very excited about this new initiative. We need all the Heroes we can get in order to continue helping these kids survive,” said Jorge Ortega, IKF Chairman. “Joining the Circle of Heroes allows members to share in the satisfaction of knowing they’ve made a difference and helped save the life of a child.”

The IKF is constantly seeking to come up with new ways for the community to become involved and help the children. The Heroes program will be a valuable addition to the IKF and hopefully more businesses and individuals alike will find it in their hearts to support the children by becoming members.

“I have great faith that our community, which has supported us during the last five years will join the Circle of Heroes,” said Maria Luisa Chea, IKF Executive Director. “It is important to give back to those who are less fortunate. For many children and families, these contributions will mean the difference between the anguish of uncertainty and the relief of knowing that much needed medical support will be provided.” Who could ask for a better way to support a good cause than dining at an upscale restaurant in Miami? Sponsoring the venue is Biscayne Boulevard’s Michy’s restaurant, a Mediterranean style bistro, voted “Best New Restaurant” by City Link magazine. Michy’s owner, Michelle Bernstein is a well-known chef who has received noteworthy acclamation as the chef at Azul in the Mandarin Oriental in Miami. Bernstein has also competed on the Food Network’s “Iron Chef America” series beating out world-renowned chef Bobby Flay. Michy’s will be open exclusively to those attending in support of the IKF’s Circle of Heroes.